Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boston Bruins 2013-2014: Back-Up to the Star

It's Tuukka time! Seven Million Dollars per year for the next Eight Years...the highest paid player on the Boston Bruins. Well a star has emerged and the Bruins have locked him up. Unfortunately Rask cannot play all 82 regular season games. So who is the back-up?

 Last year that was a statement, not a question but surprisingly the Bruins appeared to make little effort to re-sign Khudobin . Carolina signed him as a free agent for 1 year at an affordable $800,000 as a back-up to Cam Ward. I thought Khudobin did a good job in relief last year and would be re-signed but there must have been some reason, we are not privy to, why the Bruins made no real effort to bring him back.

Everyone assumed that reason was because Svedberg, after an outstanding year in Providence, would be promoted this upcoming year to be Rask's understudy. Not so fast. The Bruins went out and signed Chad Johnson to a one-year one-way contract for $600,000. Why Johnson over Khudobin? Surely not to save $200,000. Why Johnson over Svedberg? Well this may just be some insurance in case Svedberg struggles in training camp after a somewhat shaky playoff performance. Or maybe the Bruins think after one good year in the AHL, Svedberg would benefit from another. In the AHL Svedberg would get to play more often and perhaps be better prepared for a call-up if Rask gets injured (knock-on-wood). Svedberg could also prove a better mentor to the young Subban who will undoubtedly get the chance to be the back-up in Providence this year.

So good luck to you, Chad Johnson!

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