Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Boston Bruins 2013-2014: Open Letter To Iginla and Eriksson

Welcome to Boston. There are a couple of things you should know...Bruins fans have expectations and will let you Know if you don't meet them. So as a heads up, if you want to be successful...

Hit Someone...aggressive fore-checking and throwing your body around will make you instantly accepted

Fight Someone...you don't have to win the fight just be willing to stand-up for yourself...and if you fight in the defence of a teammate you are a true Bruin

Go To The Net...we don't care how fast you can skate around the perimeter...crash the net

Score...score, score...now as you know this is the main reason you have been brought here...and if you score on the power play you get the keys to the city!

Play Defensively...You need to have a positive Plus/Minus or we will trade you to the Maple Leafs ...and nobody wants that

Third Line Winger...do you know anyone that could play wing on the third line...please give them a call... we have a terrible time filling that position...unless one of you would like to double-shift

Play Hurt...if you break your leg, finish your shift. Or if you crack your ribs and puncture your lung make sure you are back from the hospital in time for the next game

Now that is what it takes to be a Bruin. So you know what we expect...no misunderstandings...oh, one other thing...

WIN...we want the Cup!

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